Maintenance and repair for Heavy Duty Class 8
Diesel trucks, Light Duty Diesel Trucks, and
Heavy Equipment.

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• Freightliner • Western Star • International

Serving Spokane, Spokane Valley, Northern
Idaho, and Eastern Washington

It's like he can read a diesel engine's mind. It's really uncanny. He's very good at what he does.

And now that he has a new "toy" (diagnostic scanner), he's like this "diesel god". Maybe that's a
little extreme, but there's not very much you can throw at Dr. Scott he can't handle.

He will get your truck back in top shape and most of the time he can save you a bundle of
While many of the shops around here charge upwards of $100/hour for repairs, Scott's rate is
$80.00/hour for in-shop repairs, and $85/hour for mobile repairs. That's almost unheard of in the
When you put your truck in the hands of Doctor Scott, you can relax, knowing your truck is in the
hands of the best in the business.

Diesels, diesels everywhere, on the land, sea, and air
They're really smelly and they smoke, But without them we'd be broke

You love them and you hate them, You cuss them and you praise them
My truck's 350 going strong, Oh no, something just went wrong

Gotta take it to the shop, Hope my bank account's at top
My mechanic smiles again, Think I paid his vacation'in

Finally on the road once more, My wallet's feelin' rather poor
I start my truck and hear it purr, I'll never give it up, no sir

There's nothing quite like a diesel. 
The purr of a diesel engine, the smelly odor of diesel fuel, the caustic
fumes of diesel exhaust. All the noise and vibration. The black engine oil,
the endless filter and fluid changes.

Still, there's that rugged, adventurous, outside- the- box, solid feel of
diesel rigs. They're tough, built to work, with no-nonsense or frills. They're
a get-the-job-done machine, no messing around, no gold-bricking. No
fancy-pantsy bells and whistles.

Diesel engines make our modern day lives possible. From trucks, trains,
ships, tractors, and heavy equipment, diesels get the job done. 

There are more than 15 million heavy trucks registered in the US alone
(most are diesel), about 2 million of those are tractor trailers. Diesel ships
and trains transport goods and materials long distances. Diesel tractor
trailers and heavy trucks transport the goods the rest of the way.

Then there is the heavy diesel construction equipment, farm equipment,
light duty cars and trucks, RV's, and so on

Diesels make it happen!

We get it. That's why we do what we do.
Our diesel mechanics have years of experience.

We know diesels inside and out. We know what makes them tick, we can
almost "read their minds". We can fix most anything diesel.

Wow! Sounds like we can almost walk on water.
OK, so we don't walk on water. But we are good at what we do.

Whatever your needs are, from general maintenance to major repairs,  our
skilled diesel mechanics can get your diesel truck diagnosed and repaired
so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.  
(%@!&*That sounds like a sales pitch)

OK, so we gotta brag a little here. (yawn)
So here's the boring stuff, so you know a little about what we do:

We are a full service diesel repair shop located in Colbert, Washington.

We service light duty diesel trucks, Class 8 Diesel Trucks, and Heavy
Equipment such as tractors, bulldozers, and so on.

We offer the following services:
General diesel engine maintenance such as oil changes, chassis
       filter and fluid changes
Diesel engine diagnosis
Diesel engine repair
Mobile Diesel Repair
*     Truck Towing up to 2 tons. If you need towing for cars, motorcycles, or
RVs, click HERE

General diesel engine and vehicle maintenance

Diesel engines are very fussy when it comes to fluids and filters.
It is possible to get by with cheaper parts with gas engines. With diesel,
it's much better to use higher quality fluids and filters. It almost always
pays off in the long run.

We don't skimp on parts and materials. We use only the best because that
is what your truck needs in order to get the most life out of it and keep
maintenance costs to a minimum.

Our maintenance services are as follows:


Cooling system
Engine oil
Fuel injection system
Air intake system
Glow plugs
Air Conditioning

General Maintenance:
Diesel engine oil and filter replacement. We use premium quality
synthetic and semi-synthetic oil. This high quality oil provides improved
cold temperature flow, oxidation protection, and excellent friction
We also use additives as appropriate to help reduce sludge deposits and
provide additional wear protection.                                                                                                        
We  use only OEM filters for diesel trucks. Filtration for diesel engine oil is
often the difference between life and death for a diesel engine.                                                                                                            
That's why we can never risk engine damage of a customer's engine by
using low quality filters and fluids                                         
Engine oil analysis. Analyzing engine oil can provide clues as to the
condition of your engine and any steps needed to correct problems before
they turn into major issues.                                                                            
Coolant system cleaning and maintenance which includes cooling
system flush, antifreeze replacement, test pH of coolant and correct if
needed, add supplemental coolant additive when appropriate, check
thermostat and replace if needed, radiator cap check, radiator inspection
and cleaning, coolant filter replacement, coolant filter kit installation,
inspect hoses and connections.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Diesel engines have additional demands due to the increased
compression. Engine cooling is premium. We use only OEM fluids and
appropriate additives to ensure your cooling system remains in top working
Transmission fluid and filter replacement    
Brake system maintenance which includes replacing brake fluid at proper
intervals, inspect brake pads and shoes,  emergency brake adjustment,
inspect disk rotor  and drum wear.                      
Transfer case lube change                                           
Chassis lube                                                                             
Power Steering fluid change                                     
Air conditioning maintenance. Check system refrigerant pressure and
add refrigerant if needed.                                                       
EGR System Maintenance                                           
Air intake system maintenance. Replace air filters at proper intervals.
Inspect air intake system for leaks or faulty components                                                                             
Diesel fuel system maintenance. Replace fuel filter at proper intervals
• Tire inspection. Inspect tires for uneven wear and correct the underlying

Diagnostic Services
Diesel engine computer diagnostics. By using an engine scanning
machine, our mechanics can analyze and pinpoint trouble spots.                                                                          
Engine and vehicle troubleshooting. Our diesel mechanics utilize a
variety of troubleshooting "tricks"  and tests to find problems and get  your
truck back in top shape.                                                                                   
Electrical troubleshooting. Although diesel engines do not utilize an
ignition system, electrical and electronics is still vital to the operation of the
vehicle. Most diesel engines use ECM (computer control) to monitor and
adjust fuel, air, and temperature. Diesel engines are also heavily
dependent on battery power and electrical wiring integrity. 

Repair Services
Replace parts as determined by troubleshooting and diagnostics                          
Diesel engine overhaul. Our diesel repair shop is equipped for complete
engine overhauls in the event of engine failure. We use only OEM parts
because using cheap parts is often the most expensive of all practices.                                                                       
Diesel injector pump repair. Diesel fuel injector pumps and injectors are
subject to extreme working conditions. A healthy fuel injector and injector
pump are vital to the entire engine operation. Our highly skilled diesel
mechanics can restore an injector pump to like-new condition. 
Diesel engine repair has become more and more complicated as diesel
engines have become equipped with computer control, turbochargers, and
more robust injection systems. 
Common rail and unit injection systems have been developed which
greatly improve the performance of diesel engines.

Did you really read all of that? You deserve a medal, or maybe some

Spokane Diesel Truck Repair
23514 N Austin Rd
Colbert, WA 99005


What you need to bring with you when you take your truck to the shop
1956 Ford C 600 Powerstroke
              ATV in Iceland
                  Vintage French Military Truck
                 Ford Powerstroke V8 engine
Vintage Unimog 406 Truck, powered by a Mercedes diesel engine. Unimog is one of the most capable 4 x 4 vehicles ever made, and is used throughout the world for military, rescue, and expedition purposes, to name a few uses
1996 Ford Econoline, powered by a 7.3 liter turbodiesel engine. Modified to a 6 x 6 all-wheel drive. In 2005 this vehicle shattered the record for driving to the South Pole in the shortest time
Vintage Fargo Power Wagon. Fargo was produced by Fargo Motor Co. in the US from 1913 to 1922, then later manufactured under the Chrysler umbrella
Soviet-made Zil-131 radio truck, a general purpose 3.5 ton 6x6 army truck
Liebherr T282. Manufactured in Germany, Until 2008 this truck held the record for the heaviest load capacity at 400 short tons. Each tire measures 13.5 feet in diameter and costs $50,000 to replace. The top of the truck stands 25 feet above ground and can straddle a regular pickup truck. The width is 32 feet and the length is 50 feet.
The truck is powered by a 95 liter diesel engine which produces 3700 horsepower
Mack Truck in Florida
2013 Ford Powerstroke
2016 Nissan Titan
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"If it tastes or smells like a diesel, we can probably repair it"
1993 Dodge Cummins
2012 Western Star 6900
Hello. My name is Ken B and I designed this website. Now this website may look like it was designed by a rookie, probably because it was designed by a rookie.

I can't say the same for Scott. That there is no rookie! He's the real deal

Scott L is a Master Certified Diesel Mechanic with more than 40 certifications and 20 years of experience.

This guy is one dedicated diesel dude. (DDD) Around these parts he is known as Doctor Scott, The Truck Doctor, He also hails to "The Diesel Whisperer".

  website designer
Doctor Scott AKA "The Truck Doctor", AKA "The Diesel Whisperer"
Kenworth Logging Truck in Australia

In-shop rate: $80/hour
Mobile rate:  $85/hour
Full Service Diesel Repair Shop located just north of
Spokane in Colbert, Washington
No Worries: We can come to you. Mobile Service: $85/hr
Truck Towing Service (We can tow light duty trucks  up to a 2
24 Hour Emergency Service
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             Introducing the Texa Truck Diagnostic Scanning Tool,     
             Dr. Scott's new "toy", acquired in January, 2017

This state of the art diagnostic tool cooks dinner, takes out the trash, washes dishes, cleans the house, and even changes diapers. (Not really, but sounds good on paper).

OK, so it doesn't clean the house or do dishes.
But it does a fabulous job of diagnosing truck diesel engines.

From reading and troubleshooting codes to performing forced regenerations and injector cut-out tests, the TEXA is the tool for the job. Click HERE to go to the website
            Bogdan Bars 8
      Diesel Power!
      Caterpillar Challenger
1920 Ship Engine Model
              Vintage Military Truck
DA42 Twin Star manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries. This four-seater airplane is powered by two Austro Turbo Diesel Engines

The DA42 Twin Star was the first diesel-powered fixed-wing aircraft to make a non-stop crossing of the North Atlantic, in 12.5 hours, with an average fuel consumption of 21.73 litres (4.78 imp gal; 5.74 US gal) per hour (10.86 litres (2.39 imp gal; 2.87 US gal) per hour per engine).[6]