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          "Diesels are easy to fix" (yeah, right)

We often hear the saying "it's a diesel, it should be easy to diagnose
and fix". 

That would be nice if it were true. If diesel engines were easy to
diagnose and repair, most any backyard mechanic could do it.

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State-of-the-art diagnostics
The misconception that diesels are easy to diagnose and/or repair probably stems from the absence of an ignition

The absence of an ignition system does simplify the process somewhat.  But diesel engines come with a host of
issues that are not prevalent in gas engines.

High engine compression, increased operating temperatures, fuel injection issues, increased cooling requirements,
and problems with fuel integrity are some of the challenges associated with diesel engines.

The cooling system must be able to handle extreme conditions such climbing long hills, oil cooling, and EGR
cooling. Transmissions must be very robust to handle the sometimes abrupt and heavy load changes.

Fuel injection pressure is many times the pressure in a gas engine. Fuel injector pumps, unit injectors, and common
rail systems must be able to handle extreme pressure and operating conditions.

Diesel vehicles operate under conditions that would disintegrate most gas vehicles. They are in an entirely different
class and are handled differently. That's why our mechanics utilize modern diagnostic techniques. (Like this)

Actually, besides kicking tires (not really), we do use computer scanning to locate trouble codes, which the
mechanics then will analyze to pinpoint the exact malfunction.

Check out Scott's new gadget, the Texa Truck
  Diagnostic Scanning Tool

From reading and troubleshooting codes to performing forced regenerations
and injector cut-out tests, the TEXA is the tool for the job

Our experienced mechanics can troubleshoot nearly any diesel engine problem. (Aren't we special)?

Besides computer diagnostics our mechanics perform additional diagnostics: 
engine compression testing, fuel pressure tests, injector inspection, engine oil analysis (diesel fuel in the engine oil
indicates one or more leaky injectors), injector pump timing, injector balance test, cylinder kill test, pyrometer test,
and electrical troubleshooting.

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