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(Now  where are those &#@!% spark plugs?)
Looks like this truck was not maintained properly
Wow! What a mess!
They don't build them like they used to
Check out this sweet Peugot Truck
            Ship engine room
Vintage Mercury Truck. Mercury Trucks were manufactured and sold in Canada from 1946 to about 1969
                   406 Unimog
            1962 Mack B 75
Spokane Diesel Truck Repair

Light Duty Diesel Truck, Class 8 Diesel Tractor-Trailer, and Heavy Equipment Repair
Diesel engines are particular when it comes to maintenance.

They are something like a woman. You treat them well and they
will serve you faithfully for many years. But if you treat them bad
or neglect them, you'll pay the price.       
Diesel cars, trucks, semis, or  heavy equipment are far cheaper
to maintain than to repair.

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Our diesel mechanics know diesel engines and what makes
them tick. They know how to squeeze every last mile possible
from your vehicle.

They understand that it's far better to prevent problems than to
have to perform major repairs.

Diesel engines thrive in a clean operating environment. 
Changing oil, fluids, and filters at regular intervals is critical for
long engine life and reliable operation. There are also other tricks
that can extend engine life and prevent costly repairs. Click
HERE for some great ideas on preventative maintenance.

Spokane Diesel Truck Repair
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