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Diesel engine repair is actually one of the last steps in
getting your vehicle back on the road.

(Check out our certified mechanics. The one in the
middle is the boss)

As you know, it's far better to prevent a problem than to
deal with expensive repairs.

Our diesel mechanics look for simple solutions first
before jumping into extensive repairs.
Sometimes in spite of our best efforts, repairs are necessary. Repairs differ from general
maintenance in that repairs involve the replacement of moving or stationary parts, whereas
general maintenance is more focused on inspection of systems, and replacing fluids and

The quality of parts can differ greatly between manufacturers.
​Diesel engines are subject to intense pressure, heat, and vibration. 

Skimping on the quality of parts is usually not a good idea. This may work with a gas engine,
but can be disastrous to a diesel engine.

Our state of the art diesel repair shop is equipped with the capacity of performing major
repairs, as well as minor parts replacement. 

We are able to do repairs from minor parts replacement to major engine and transmission
overhauls. We do repairs on every part of your big rig, from engines, brakes, air conditioning,
injector pumps, radiators, turbochargers, electrical, you name it.

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